Yep! This is a new home..

I wanted a fresh new blog to write things in my life.. my love life, my pregnancy, my hobbies and many more.

Just can’t be bothered to write on the old one.. just too embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been writing for a long long time and the last one I wrote, I only wrote it because I wanted to win a free novel. Ha! Bad bad Jeanne :p

Oh well, I’m pretty occupied right now.. but I hope I can write again.. at least once a week or worst, once a month!!

What’s new about me?
Hmm.. I’m currently married for a year now and we just celebrate our anniversary last October 10th! I’m 24 weeks & 5 days pregnant, expecting a new baby boy to be born on February next year. So into scrapbooking, collecting pretty designed papers, and wanting to learn stamping on scrapbooking now.

Wish me good luck with my scrapbooking hobby and please pray for my baby & my pregnancy (tell you about it on the next post).

Well, if you find my blog.. I hope you’ll find it to be entertaining, inspiring and I hope you enjoy reading my posts 🙂


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