Instagram Photostrips

My hubby bought himself an iPhone 4s a while ago.. so his old iPhone 3GS goes to me 😀 yipeee!
You must be thinking, hmm.. why did he gave me used stuff instead of the new one?! Well, I insist! I thought it would be too much to buy two new iPhones while it is not sure whether we could sell the old iPhone generation while the new ones released, everybody would love the new generation, right?!
Now, you must be thinking, hmm.. lucky him for having me, hahaha..

That’s not the point of this post tho..
I just wanted to share that since I got the iPhone or since I’ve downloaded Instagram Apps (exactly), I’ve been crazy about it!!
Been taking photos of the things I like, eat, see, do, make, etc and edit and upload them to Instagram. I followed other Instagram users whose photos interested me and give me inspirations. I checked on updates a lot, got excited when people love my photos.. hahaha..

And today.. while browsing on Pinterest, I found this tutorial; an Instagram Photostrips.
on College Prepster’s blog.. she made her Instagram photos into photostrips, like the one you can get on photobox.. but this one you’ve got to print it by yourself.
She uses photoshop to prepare the frames/templates for the photo strips and aligned the photos together..
I really like seeing what she came up with and pretty inspired to make my own soon 🙂 I think it will look good in scrapbook.. :-p
I think I’m going to make one soon.. maybe around weekend.

Here’s her tutorial, just a CLICK away 🙂

One thought on “Instagram Photostrips

  1. Thanks for stop by at my blog darling 🙂 that mini is 4.5×4. I usually use just one 12×12 for my mini as well unless when it’s too many photos 🙂 will the baby due on Vday ? I’m sure you’ll do a lot more scrapbooking when your baby boys is here 🙂 xoxo

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