Deasy’s Birthday Card

Today is our gathering day.. the girls in our group gathering once a month to have lunch and have what so called in Indonesian, is arisan. I don’t know the English term for the word.

By the way, today was also Deasy’s Birthday!!! YAY!!
I didn’t have time to go around the mall to find presents last night, so I made her a card instead. I planned that we all, each of the girls took an instax photo with her and made some birthday wishes on the card, but I realised, there are 14 of us.. and how big the card has to be?? So again.. I made a mini book..

I forgot which paper collection I used, I just took and trimmed some from my stash.. punched the side with EK Success punch.. stamp here and there.. I finally can use my Amy Tangerine stamp.. the one with the camera and heart on the middle.. I really like it!! I’ve been waiting for my pre-order to come and it arrived few days ago!! Such a great timing. 🙂

I used chipboard letters and add a simple flower embellishment on the cover.. uhmm, one thing tho.. the chipboard doesn’t stick really strong, the letter “s” and “y” fell off when we were busy sticking photos and writing things in it.. so I gathered the falling letters and told the b’day girl to glue them when she get home.. I don’t know why, but this gave me a lesson.. that next time, although it said it is a sticker, if I feel like it, I have to add more glue before I stick them.

By the way, what makes me happy.. all of my friends like it. Some of them even remind me of their birth dates!!! Hahahaha..

Oh well, these are the pics..

The last page is for the her, hubby and two boys to take photo together, but they were still eating when I need to get home, so I didn’t manage to take a shot :-p
But yeaa.. I’m still uploading the blank page here for you to see.

And.. last photo.. here are the girls..

In case you were wondering which one is me.. I’m the one with the biggest belly!! hahahaha.. I gain so much weight since I got pregnant.. looking so chubby in this photo *shy shy*

We had so much fun today! Have a great day to you all!!

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