January Photo Challenge..

I’ve been into Instagram, as I said, since my husband gave me his old iPhone 3GS.
I didn’t took photo everyday tho, but I do upload photos of things I like on Instagram..
I like seeing what people uploaded everyday.. food photos, their children, their works, arts, food, etc and most of all scrapbooks 😀

And at the beginning of the year.. I saw a really nice idea on fatmumslim. She created a January Photo a Day Challenge.
It seems fun and can be a really great idea for journaling purpose. I think that this can be a great idea for Project Life too.. I’m still waiting for my kit tho.. ugh, can’t hardly wait!

You can join the Flickr group and see what people have upload for their January shot and remember to put #janphotoaday or #photoaday on your photo uploads 😉

These are mine for the first two weeks :

Join all the fun! You can still catch up 🙂
Don’t forget to share yours on Instagram too!! 😉

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