Getting ready for Project Life

Yep, I know.. it’s mid January already..
Every scrapbookers I know has already finished their 2nd week of Project Life, and me.. I haven’t even started the cover page!!

Oh well, I’ve been reading and seeing on some blogs about the Project Life since I started scrapbooking last year. But I thought that getting the kit is a bit difficult for me whose currently living in Indonesia. And I asked some of the scrapbookers here (in Indonesia), they heard and read about Project Life, but they don’t think we have it here.. and I don’t think much of them do Project Life.

But as I browse more through the internet and reading more of people’s blogs like; Kelly Purkey, Amy Tangerine, Marcy Penner, Ali Edwards and many more.. makes me fall in love with Project Life more and more.. and I’m so determine to try it.
Especially with the baby’s coming next month, I’m not sure whether I can come up with mini albums or even more the 12″ by 12″ pages.. looking back, I could make a lot of mess doing all my scrapbooking on the floor (I don’t have a special room or desk for my scrapbooks yet). It will not be possible to make the floor messy with the baby around, right?

So I was thinking, and I still think that the Project Life will give me a simpler ways of journaling our lives. I mean, I can simply print photos with my Selphy or Pivi printer, slip them into the page protectors, add some notes with the journaling cards and a bit of this and that.. and taraaa.. I hope it will be that simple, ha ha ha.. coz knowing me, I think I’m going to take it further, oh noo!! But that’s all I can think of for now 🙂

And why did I want to start making a journal now? Because the baby’s coming and I want to keep lots and lots of memories for him and all of us to see or read or treasure when we’re old and he’s grown. I missed journaling our first year of marriage too.. that’s why I feel like not missing anything this year.. especially when there’s a lot of event will be going on this 2012!! My brother’s getting married, we are having a baby due, and my sister in law getting engaged too (I guess :-p) and many more.. It’s going to be a lot of FUN!

By the way, I did try to order my Project Life kit from Amazon, but they said that there are some products that cannot be shipped from America to Indonesia.. ugh.. poor me.. I just feel like I want to cry..
But then, thankfully, Brandie Nielsen commented on my wall post and told me about Scraplicious.
Scraplicious is a Singapore based scrapbook store that is thankfully (again) gives supplies for Becky Higgins Project Life in South East Asia and Japan.They have all sort of Becky Higgins product lines, even the Design A page protectors that we have to wait till February on Amazon, it’s still available there!! I’m so excited I bought entire line of the Clementine design; the kit, binder and cardstock. I bought the design G pocket pages, 6″ x 12″ page protectors, big variety pack and big pack of design A too!! I know I’ve gone too far.. but yea.. I think I might as well buy in a bulk considering the shipping cost. And yep, I didn’t miss the page dividers and journaling cards too.. ha ha ha. I got ta save a lot after this.. Project Life is killing my purse :-p

If you are living in SE Asia or Japan and wanted a Project Life too, you can visit Scraplicious here.

Oh well, I also getting started in collecting other supplies for starting the Project Life; last week photos, memorabilia such as movie tickets, receipts etc.. and I downloaded some printables journaling cards and tags too.. I think they might come in handy.
I also found this great idea from Marcy Penner. She made a Project Life Printable Planners!! So you can first design what you want to put in it without trial and error.. and this helps a lot, especially for someone like me, whose kit is still on the way. I’m planning to use it and when the kits came, I can directly work on the pages 😀
You can download the Printable Planners from her blog here.

Hmm.. I can’t hardly wait for my kits!!
Now’s the time to browse the scrappers blog for inspiration.. ciao!

Have a great day, everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Project Life

    • Hi Kezia,
      Paypal itu cara pembayaran nya, mesti kamu connect sama kartu kredit.
      Kezia tinggal dimana? Kalo tinggal di daerah Jakarta atau Surabaya, bisa tuh coba ke Made With Love, toko bahan scrapbook, saya dengar mereka mau datengin PL.

      Alternatif lain, kalo susah dapetin PL kit nya, bisa beli photo sleeves nya merk lain (bukan Becky Higgins), karena merk lain juga punya photo sleeves serupa. Dan kertas2 journaling nya kamu bikin dari kertas2 scrapbook kmu.

      Saya juga banyak bikin dari supply scrapbook saya.. di potong2 sesuai ukuran photo sleeves dan dihias2 dengan embellishment, stamps, atau washi tapes.

      Semoga bermanfaat yaa 🙂

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