Clementine’s here..

My Project Life kit has arrived!! YAY!!!

I bought the Clementine’s edition..
I heard it’s the newest design for 2012, but other than that, I just love the colors & design!!

And now.. I’m excited to start, but also clueless on what to do..
I know I know.. I’ve been talking about preparation and stuff, but now.. when they’re all here in front of me.. my head just went BLANK!!

I want to start on my title page first tho.. I did inserted some of the papers like Becky suggested, but I think it will need a little bit more personal touches to make the page more like “me”.
So, here I am in front of my laptop browsing some ideas..
There are some title pages that I found so beautiful and inspiring.. and I think their PL will be an inspiration for my very first Project Life. I hope I can really finish this project.. I love taking photos and I promise I’m going to take more this year.. and keeping memories and more journaling.. because this year is really special. It’s when we (my husband and I) are going to be parents!!!

This is so exciting! I think I’ll be spending this weekend at home doing my PL and finish Anabel’s mini album 🙂

Good night & sweet dreams..

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