Project Life – 1st Week

This is my 1st page, my 1st week 🙂
I didn’t do two pages like the others did.. because yeaa.. I didn’t have a lot of photos and still a bit worry if I didn’t do it right :-p
Happy New Year card I made using iPhone apps, Cartolina Cards. It has a lot of pretty designs and I just have to choose this one with a little boy and an elephant drawings on, you know why 😉  HAPPY 2012!!

I didn’t journal each day, because there are some that I forgot, my bad 😦 but I think I’ll post some highlights of the week..
This is the first week of the year, we didn’t do much for celebrating new year since my husband was having a really bad flu. We stayed at home, besides, my mother-in-law is having an Open House. There were lots of people coming, families, coworkers, and friends.
We watched our first movie for the year, Sherlock Holmes! Ha! I had a new haircut – because it’s almost Chinese new year (it is a Chinese tradition to have yourself a hair cut before Chinese new year) and I almost giving birth too. Both mother and mother in law are suggesting me to have one before I give birth, so here I am with a new hair style 😉
I include a screen shot of January Photo Challenge I found on FatMumSlim instagram which I decided to follow and thought that this will make a cute addition for my PL.
I also managed to finish some scrapbook projects for my friends too.. a birthday mini book, a birthday card and a mini book made of one sheet of 12″ x 12″ paper.

The other weeks are still work-in-progress.. 😀
Here’s a photo of week 2 in progress and behind it are the rest..
So excited about this project and can’t wait to see what I’m going to put in after the baby’s being born.. *squeal

Do you reckon that each page of the project took you longer to finish than the usual scrapbook page? Mine does, Ha Ha Ha.. talk like I have made a lot of pages already, while I haven’t :-p
I hope I can really finish this tho.. and made a really great week by week records of our life with him around, wish me luck!

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