What a nice day..

Rain in the morning and I was still tucked under my blanket when my hubby went to office.. what a lazy bum I am :-p
I couldn’t really sleep last night and fell asleep when it’s almost dawn.

But I didn’t spend all day in bed of course..

I tried a two cupcake recipe this morning, because I felt like having cupcake after watching DC Cupcakes on Star World last night, but making a batch is just too much. I remembered I saw a two cupcake recipe on Pinterest before and I tried it. I came up with three instead of two because my muffin cup is a bit smaller than the ones they are using in the recipe. It was nice and I managed to make a chocolate frosting too.. YAY!! My previous cupcakes don’t have frosting or anything on top, so this is new.. haha..

I got the cupcake recipe from here and the chocolate frosting from Brett Bara.

Our baby bed has arrived too.. YAY! My husband just assembled it.. it only needs a bit cleaning now and then everything will be ready šŸ˜€

And another good news is.. *drum rolls tum turrumtum tum tum.. my mother-in-law is giving me a space on the second floor for my crafting area, YAY!!! Thank you Mum šŸ˜‰

It used to have a really big sofa there, for those who wants to read books because the place is surrounded with book shelves as you can see in the photo.. And it was originally functioned as a reading space. She moved the sofa so I can can get a table and probably add a little cupboard there later.
I can’t wait to move all of my scrapbook supplies from the bedroom and office, hahaha.. Let’s go shopping for a desk and cupboard honey! šŸ™‚

Oh yea.. I almost forgot.. I managed to make a Tutty Fruity Jelly for my husband too this afternoon, but I haven’t take any photo of it.. I’ll make a post update later šŸ˜‰
The jelly is made with orange juice, vanilla syrup, jelly powder and add some fresh fruits like kiwis and strawberries.. hmm.. so fresh and actually a little sour :-p

See ya!

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