Sunday Gathering..

YAY! It’s a new month again.. another girls’ time to hang out together.
For this month, we’re gathering at Roda Baru, a Padang food restaurant. We sure have plenty of choices of food here, but be careful.. Padang’s cuisine is well-known with its’ spicy food. 😉
When the girls are gathering, you bet the place will be so filled with our voices, telling stories, laughter until stuff to sell. One of my friend brought a souvenir from her travel to Batu, the other brought a card case and today.. I brought an Instax album,because Deasy wanted to buy one for her cousin who just recently bought an Instax camera. It’s just so much fun spending time with them.

I have managed to finish the mini album for Annabel too last night, so I can give it to her mum, Fenny this afternoon. She likes it!! And posted and upload some photos on Facebook just now.. aaaww.. I’m so flattered *shy shy*

This time the mini album is not too thick, haha.. I only use chipboard for the front and back cover. 🙂 I like what I did with the ring binder too.. attached few colorful ribbons and a little sheep trinket.

This week, I bought some recipe books, and A LOT too, about 5 books!!! Hahaha.. don’t know when I’ll be trying them, but I really want to learn to cook.. wish me luck 😉

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