My Scrappy Corner..

I stayed at home today..

My husband bought me a table yesterday.. to be put in my scrap corner 😀 YAY! So happy..
It’s not really big, but I think it’s enough for now.. it’s 88 x 88 cm width and in white color. At first, we wanted to use grandma’s table, it’s bigger in size, but it is really heavy!! I bet four people needed to carry the table.. so we decided to buy another one instead, a lighter one.
He adjusted the table this morning, so I decided to stay at home to move all my scrapbook supplies out of our bedroom to the crafting space. I just wanted to finish moving them all so we’ll get more spaces in the bedroom for the baby.

So yap.. I spent the entire morning cleaning the shelves and moving things. Little by little, going in and out of the bedroom, haha.. carrying stuff here and there.. basically, I just moved them all and arrange a little. I’m going to do some more organizing later.. for the time being, here are the result..

It surely looks well-arranged yea.. 😉

left to right : Some albums and two boxes of page protectors, a box full of not yet arranged embellishment, stickers etc..on top of it are a box of tapes supplies, paper pads. Next is my Singer sewing machine.

Using bag-in-bag organizer to store tools, stamps, and letter chipboards and stickers.

Under the table : two boxes of paper supplies that need to be sorted and a box of mini chipboard albums, shadow box and doilies. Next photo is a box of punches and crop-a-dile. On the left of the box is some (the only 3 I have for now) glimmer mists.

On the table : a bag of tools, next to the wall are my score board, paper trimmer and a cutting mat. That’s a white box filled with buttons, small embellishments, and ink stamps. On top of the white box are sellotape and double tapes. In front of it is my Project Life kit, album and other journal supplies.  Finally got a proper place to put my Project Life album 🙂

Although the place is quite set, I still cannot use it.. why? because it’s really hot there..
I still need to install a fan at least.. coz if you opened the window, all you can see is the air conditioner machines and they produce hot air, which making the place even hotter with an opened window.

I hope we can get a fan soon 🙂 I just can’t wait to work in my own craft space instead of scraping on my bed or on the floor, hahaha..

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