Blog Hop Winner

Hello everyone..

So, it’s time to announce the winner of my Instagram giveaway.
And the prize goes to..
Jaime Lee

Her comment below..

March 17, 2012 at 10:58 pm
Ooo…I am about thinking to buy an Fuji Instax Camera for myself. After reading your blog and I am very sure that I must get it (lol). I love your blog and hope to share more works with you because I am a scrapper myself. I just added you in my IG list, username: jyylee.

Thanks for the chance to win!

So happy to find someone who loves Instax 🙂 and love to scrap too.. Instax and scrapbook together is so much fun! Like Amy, Kelly and Elizabeth did with their Instax photos.
This is a photo of the things I’m going to send you..
Jaime, please sent me your email to :
I’ll let you know when I have sent the prize, k?

Thank you so much for everyone who has join the blog hop and Jessy for making it all happen.

By the way, I’m sorry for a quite late announcement. I’m still juggling with time, haven’t been able to manage the time between taking care of my baby boy, house works and scrapbook-ing. Even my PL is still abandoned on the table in my scrap corner :-p My baby occupied most of my time, but I’m having fun with him 🙂

I’m still keeping notes on the weeks tho.. to make it easier when I finally have the time to catch up on my PL, which I hope will be soon 🙂

Ok then , have a great day everyone!

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