I Miss Going to Movies

It’s been a while since the last time I went to movies..
oh well, just a few days before I gave birth, but it feels like a long time already.

You see, in Chinese culture.. after a woman gave birth, she should stay at home for at least 40 days straight. They say that’s because after giving birth, the bones and body have become vulnerable. So you have to stay at home, eat and drink warm meals, wear sandals at home because the floor sometimes are cold and it is said to have effect to the bone. Sometimes you even forbid to wash your hair, they say it will make you have headache at old age. I did some of those things, but I wash my hair at the 2nd week, just couldn’t stand it, haha..

I did go out though.. to the doctor, baby shop and supermarket to buy the baby’s and my needs and that’s all about it. I miss those time when I can go out with my husband and friends. And I miss going out to movies most, especially with so many movies coming out lately..

Here are the movies I wanted to see.. maybe not at the time being, I’ll wait till the HD is released 🙂

The Lorax

The Vow

The Hunger Games

They’re playing in the movies now.. can’t wait 😀

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