Sketchbook 4

I was thinking about it until the last day to register..

Since I start to scrapbook or actually like scrapbook, I have never join a class, either it is online or actual ones.
I wanted to though, it must be fun to learn new things and techniques, and also meeting new friends. But the timing is never right. I live in a small city and really, I’m serious, we don’t have even a single scrapbook store here. I bought most of my supplies online.

So, as I’m already introduced to Studio Calico, I love it!!
I love their kits, love their products, love the DT, and just everything about it. One thing that annoys only the time difference, that most of the time, made me lose a chance to get all the good stuff, like the Awesome clear stamp. I want it so bad, if anyone has it and intend to sell it, please let me know.  :-p

This April, Kelly Purkey, one of my favorite scrappers is having a class on Studio Calico, Sketchbok 4.
I was confuse whether to enter or not, I’m afraid I won’t have time.. but then, it is said we can still access it anytime and the .pdfs are downloadable, so I decided to follow, YAY!!
I’m so excited. This will be the first online class I ever follow. I hope I can actively participate 🙂
I have piles of scrapbook supplies calling.. they want to be made into awesome memorable layouts. Wish me luck!


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