Random currents

time: 09:58 pm
location: my old room at my parents’s house
weather: 20° celcius, showed on the air conditioner remote
eating: just had chicken mushroom soup
drinking : water (just took a breastfeeding suplement)
loving: my little boy sleeping’s face
wondering: how long I can breastfeed my baby
enjoying: typing on my ipad while curling under the blanket 😉
thinking: of my husband
waiting: for 12 pm to wish him happy birthday 🙂

I stayed at my parent’s house since yesterday, because my husband and his family are having a short trip to Malaysia. Don’t think of him being mean because of leaving me and Michael home alone.. It was I who encouraged him to go.
Actually, we bought the ticket around a year ago from Air Asia, it was on sale. We weren’t expecting at that time. So now, the things are a bit different with Michael being here, so I decided not to go.
I told my hubby to just go, accompany his parents and help his little sister arranging things there.. But don’t forget to bring home some goodies for wifey and little son here, haha..

I miss him, tomorrow is his birthday and we have a surprise for him 🙂
I’m going to bed now since baby Mikey is asleep, haha..

Nite all.. Sweet dreams..

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