Just got this broadcast message via BBM (Blackberry Messenger).

15 things that your partner, spouse, husband, wife or girlfriend and boyfriend request that will never be said or told to you.. or said from you to them..
I might never said these things towards my husband, but I hope he read this post, hahaha..

  1. Please never forget, that since the beginning, we are together because we like and love each other.
  2. I ALWAYS want to do things for you, so please don’t take for granted everything I’ve done, even it’s just a small thing.
  3. Please try to understand all my ways and character (for million times).
  4. Please never show your anger (yell, argue etc) towards me in front of other people and NEVER compare me with other women or men.
  5. When we are apart, please remember me, call me, ask me how am I doing and what am I up to.
  6. Please NEVER get bored to take me to events or any activities that involves your presents. Introduce me as your wife or husband because I want them to know me too.
  7. Days are passing.. so please do not fuss about the past (mistakes, fights or other bad things).
  8. I ALWAYS TRY, if there’s something not in your liking, please tell me instead of keeping quiet and pile up your anger that can create silence between us and causing pain.
  9. Don’t make me confuse or sad, let’s find a solution and walk it through together.
  10. Don’t say bad things about me. Aren’t I beautiful and good in your eyes before? So let’s just keep it that way.
  11. Even though we often miss-understood each other, had fights, don’t grow tired of me. Let’s make this as a learning process of forgiving for as long as we live.
  12. Know that I’m always here and talk to me about anything, your feelings, your thoughts, and everything. Don’t let anyone else knows you more or communicate with you more than I do.
  13. Cherish our memories, put on our photos (in your wallet/purse/office desk). because in that way, it means you admit my existence and make me proud of it.
  14. When we are out walking, walk beside me, hold my hand and actually.. I’d love to hear words of love, get a hug and kiss from you everyday..will you do it for me?
  15. I hope we can always love each other with all our hearts and hope you will always be loyal and be with me until the day I die.

And I think these all true 🙂

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