My First Daybook

Yay!! Finally finished my first daybook!!!

I have told you that I am making my first trip mini book last time, right? Now it’s done and I’m so happy.
I wanted to make a memory of this trip, since this is our (hubby, my baby Michael and mine) first trip together. And there were new things that happened along the way.. especially first experiences of everything. It’s fun and I really enjoyed the process of making this mini album.

I used one of Amy Tangerine’s mini book, the one with the camera picture in front of it. Well, it makes a  notice that there will be a LOT of photos in it. 🙂

And I remind you, that there will be WHOLE LOT of photos too in this post, hahaha..
No more talking since I’m not really good at it too.. so just, enjoy!

These are the front & back cover.
I used people wood veneer from Studio Calico, 2 big ones & 1 small representing Michael, hubby & me.

I used a lot of washi for the background.. kinda like the reds 🙂
First flight for Michael & mommy together.. I was kinda nervous, but it turned out that Michael was sleeping since we arrived at the airport until the plane landed, so everything’s safe. He’s only woke up when the stewardess announced that we ‘re going out through the front door. haha..

Sushi Tei for supper.. kinda disappointing. Perhaps it’s because we went there during promo time, which made is a bit crowded and they’re kinda take a long time in serving orders and not paying much attention on it. I order a tobiko sushi.. and got so disappointed. I took a bit of the tobiko and taste that it smell bad and the taste is different, I returned it to the waiter and asked them to check whether it is fresh or not, because it’s kinda weird. They came back about 5 minutes or so and insist that the tobiko is fresh, while I don’t think it is. We didn’t eat it and again.. the salmon sashimi I ordered didn’t came out after almost 45 minutes.. we canceled everything, just asked them to count what we ate and the manager ended up taking out tobiko sushi from the bill because we complained about it.
I still love sushi and willing to come back tho.. this is only the first time they ever served me this bad, I hope they will improve next time they’re holding an event.

on the right side photo: I finally visited Made with Love Surabaya.. it was fab! They are having a paper promo when I get there, get extra 10 sheets of paper by buying 20 sheets, so you’ll get 30!!! I did chose some that I like. And went home with a big bag full of papers, embellishment and all, hahaha..

I did some dress shopping too.. looking for a piece to wear on my sister in law’s engagement.

It’s a postcard from Where’s Wally Postcard book 2, I love it.
And on the right side is when we’re visiting Lidya and her new baby, Gwen.

One and only blur photo by my brother.. haha..

Summary of the trip.. lesson learned about bringing baby on trip (do’s and don’ts), to do list we’ve done, and a fun fact about the album (my hubby like this one).

And yup, this won’t be the end of our adventure together. We’ll be having so much more.
I hope you like this.


P.S. Got an email from Amy Tangerine, asking whether I uploaded this on blog or anything.. she wanted to highlight it. Oh my.. I’m so over the moon 😀

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