Smash*aholics 30 Days Challenge

I just joined Smash*aholics

It’s a Facebook group & I quoted :

This is a group for all those that are addicted to everything and anything to do with SMASH* books. They are a FUN way to hold memories, learn to scrap, find a style, learn new things, keep odds and ends and so much more.

Be sure to share your pages and anything you find that can be used for smash books. Or any DIY ideas you have or done. We love hearing new and fun ideas.

And have a SMASH*ing time….

It IS fun to see what everybody did with their Smash book. I bought some; Wedding Smash, Baby Smash, Pretty Style Smash (Pink), Doodle Style Smash (Red), and Journal Book Pretty Pocket (the big purple one). Bought some embellishments, paper pads, envelopes and just LOTS. But I haven’t done anything about it.

So I came across a photo posted by one of my Instagram buddy, she posted this :

Image This photo lead me to the group and this is just gave me an idea.
I think I’m going to do the challenge. Some are starting from July 1st, but you can always start anytime if you want to do it too..

I will be posting some pages I did soon.
Do let me know if you are doing it too.. and click here if you want to join the Facebook group.

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