Everyday is Valentine

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I made this layout for my husband and my son for Valentine. I wrote the title “Not Just on Valentine’s Day, I Love You Everyday”, but highlighted the words Valentine’s and Everyday.. meaning that Valentine is everyday, and that I  love them everyday.  That’s why I also stamped the name of the days as the background.

I made the heart because I’m in love with the video by Corej http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/gallery/projects/videos/1883540-213-in-2013-love-her/ [twopeasinabucket.com]
But I guess I should’ve try it on a pic of paper first, because it looks kinda messy..but I still used the paper because it’s the last natural paper I have :p

I added stitches with black thread to make e frame like effect because the sides look empty before.

I’m so happy that my husband likes it and posted on his Instagram & Facebook, and got positive comments from it, haha..

You can view it here too.

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