Project Life Spread : Week 3 & 4

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Just finished them last night. I have a lot of catching up to do.

I made week 3 with some supplies that I have and journaling cards from the Clementine kit. Didn’t have so much things to share on week 3, because I was still sick. Didn’t get to take as much photo as before and journaling at all.. so I just put some highlights on what happenned on week 3.
Amy Tangerine’s signature book was on sale on Studio Calico, and because she’s my favorite DT, I just got to order it 🙂  We also got a new Selphy printer, CP900 series. I gotta love this thing.. because it can be connected with wifi, which make is easier to print from computer and even iPhone!! PL will be so much easier with this.
I also started to read again.. Life of Pi. It has been made into movies and my friends told me that it was great, but I missed it. So I decided to read the book, and it was great 🙂 Last, I added a currents journal. I think it will be a fun addition for PL. I might do it again on other weeks.

Now, week 4. I made it with Studio Calico scrapbook kit Sock Hop and Poodle Skirt add-on. I have hoarded a lot of SC kits and haven’t got the time to make them into LO.. so I guess this is just another way of using them instead of leaving them just like that or buying new supplies just for PL. Save more cash, right?! Haha..

These are week 3 and 4, I hope you like what you see.

Have a great weekend!

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