Saying Goodbye to Studio Calico

Has anybody receive the email update on International shipping charges?
I’m so sad that Studio Calico decided to change their shipping terms for international customers, which is no more free shipping.

Telling you the truth, when I first subscribe to Studio Calico, first, is because I REALLY LOVE the exclusive stamps they made on their kits. You cannot find it somewhere else and they are just so cute and lovely.
Second, I love the kits and layouts the DT makes and I wanted to make layouts like them.. I consider myself still new in scrapbooking and so lack of layout-ing experience and techniques.
And the third, of course, FREE SHIPPING for certain amount of purchase. I always try to hit free shipping every month, I even gather some friends with similar interest if they want to get some products from SC.

My kits used to arrived about a month after the shipping date… the fastest is 3 weeks after the shipping date. I don’t really mind about it. I know that Indonesia is not that close and I’m used to receiving goods late on international shipping.

The increase of free shipping (to $129) kinda shocked me at first.. meaning that I have to spend more each month, but I didn’t complain much because I like SC stuff. Although some that I bought (just to hit free shipping) actually just sitting there (until I found out what I’m going to use them for). And now.. Studio Calico is not giving any free shipping, which is so SAAADDD for me.
In fact, I just found a friend in the same city abut 3 days ago that would love to shop at SC with me too.. I was planning to gather sometimes and make kits together.
But I guess we have to cancel it now.. 😦

So sad about the news.
And telling you the truth, I think I’m going to have to cancel my subscription.
I cannot afford more on the shipping cost increase and the additional fee.
I think it’s a good call too because I’m going to renovate some of the room in my house into nursery for my 2nd child. It’s right next to the crafting space I’m using.. so I’m going to have to pack my scrapbook stuff until the renovation is finished.

Good luck for SC, thanks for all the experience shopping and creating with you 🙂
I will still follow you through forums, blogs and visit your store for browsing and galleries for ideas.


One thought on “Saying Goodbye to Studio Calico

  1. I can understand how addictive SC kits can seem but totally agree that the shipping cost (and other issues) makes it difficult to justify continued subscription. hope you find another kit club or a LSS that works for you soon

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