Project Life Week #44

It’s been a tiring month, well, besides the belly’s getting bigger and heavier.. I also feel sleepy most of the time.I had a chance to stay at my parents house too.. it’s only for a night when hubby was away, but it was great. I miss chit chatting with them until late.. Michael had a great time too playing with his uncles.

I manage to bake things too.. starting from making Cheese SoufflΓ©, Apple Pie, and 5 minutes brownie in a mug..
I love learning how to cook, although I rarely manage to memorize the recipe and have to look at them each time I’m going to make or cook things, haha..

And today, I feel more relax and decided to catch up my PL.. I decided to make my latest week, which is week #44.
I find it easier to do it that way (finishing the week closest to you). I’m using Studio Calico November kits, both scrapbook add-on kits and scrapbook kit. I haven’t got my November scrapbook kit because they sent me the wrong one, last month’s instead of the recent one, but it’s all sorted out and my SC November scrapbook kit is already on it’s way, YAY!

This is Week #44 :

Added a little envelope.. inside is a note about being thankful, and it’s also part of the challenge in 2Peas in a Bucket PL class.. πŸ™‚
Thanks for looking.


wk44 left side

wk44 right side

wk44 close up01

wk44 close up2


Project Life Spread : Week 3 & 4

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Just finished them last night. I have a lot of catching up to do.

I made week 3 with some supplies that I have and journaling cards from the Clementine kit. Didn’t have so much things to share on week 3, because I was still sick. Didn’t get to take as much photo as before and journaling at all.. so I just put some highlights on what happenned on week 3.
Amy Tangerine’s signature book was on sale on Studio Calico, and because she’s my favorite DT, I just got to order it πŸ™‚Β  We also got a new Selphy printer, CP900 series. I gotta love this thing.. because it can be connected with wifi, which make is easier to print from computer and even iPhone!! PL will be so much easier with this.
I also started to read again.. Life of Pi. It has been made into movies and my friends told me that it was great, but I missed it. So I decided to read the book, and it was great πŸ™‚ Last, I added a currents journal. I think it will be a fun addition for PL. I might do it again on other weeks.

Now, week 4. I made it with Studio Calico scrapbook kit Sock Hop and Poodle Skirt add-on. I have hoarded a lot of SC kits and haven’t got the time to make them into LO.. so I guess this is just another way of using them instead of leaving them just like that or buying new supplies just for PL. Save more cash, right?! Haha..

These are week 3 and 4, I hope you like what you see.

Have a great weekend!

Here we go again..

Hello 2013!

And I’m starting to Project Life again. YAY! Hopefully this time I can really do a full year. My son is more “cooperative” now, that he is already a year old yesterday (yep, his birthday is the same day as Valentine’s). What I mean is that he’s not as much demanding as when he was a baby. But of course, he’s a growing little child that needs attention, but I can ask my mum or mother in law to watch when I need a little time :-p

So here it, a few pages from my first weeks and title

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I currently just finished week 3 and moving on to week 4.. I will post them soon πŸ™‚

For more details on my Project Life, you can visit here

Project Life – 1st Week

This is my 1st page, my 1st week πŸ™‚
I didn’t do two pages like the others did.. because yeaa.. I didn’t have a lot of photos and still a bit worry if I didn’t do it right :-p
Happy New Year card I made using iPhone apps, Cartolina Cards. It has a lot of pretty designs and I just have to choose this one with a little boy and an elephant drawings on, you know why πŸ˜‰Β  HAPPY 2012!!

I didn’t journal each day, because there are some that I forgot, my bad 😦 but I think I’ll post some highlights of the week..
This is the first week of the year, we didn’t do much for celebrating new year since my husband was having a really bad flu. We stayed at home, besides, my mother-in-law is having an Open House. There were lots of people coming, families, coworkers, and friends.
We watched our first movie for the year, Sherlock Holmes! Ha! I had a new haircut – because it’s almost Chinese new year (it is a Chinese tradition to have yourself a hair cut before Chinese new year) and I almost giving birth too. Both mother and mother in law are suggesting me to have one before I give birth, so here I am with a new hair style πŸ˜‰
I include a screen shot of January Photo Challenge I found on FatMumSlim instagram which I decided to follow and thought that this will make a cute addition for my PL.
I also managed to finish some scrapbook projects for my friends too.. a birthday mini book, a birthday card and a mini book made of one sheet of 12″ x 12″ paper.

The other weeks are still work-in-progress.. πŸ˜€
Here’s a photo of week 2 in progress and behind it are the rest..
So excited about this project and can’t wait to see what I’m going to put in after the baby’s being born.. *squeal

Do you reckon that each page of the project took you longer to finish than the usual scrapbook page? Mine does, Ha Ha Ha.. talk like I have made a lot of pages already, while I haven’t :-p
I hope I can really finish this tho.. and made a really great week by week records of our life with him around, wish me luck!

My Project Life Title Page

Watch out! There’ll be a lot of photos in this post πŸ™‚

After struggling (planning, sketching layouts, gathering & printing photos, browsing ideas.. you name it) for a week, I finally have finished my 2012 Project Life title page. YAY!! And I LOVE what I did with it.
I took some ideas from great scrappers; especially the middle row..

The top line, it is an Instax photo of my husband, Indra & I on a wedding party December last year, I really like this photo.. especially because I don’t look too chubby!! Ha Ha Ha.. I added our initials using American Crafts Jewelry Box thickers, love the color πŸ˜€

I put Amy Tangerine’s felt camera embellishmentΒ  because I just love camera πŸ˜‰

Now, this is the row that I got inspiration from gorgeous scrappers.
The first is a pack of vellum envelope filled with confetti that I punched out fromΒ  my Fiskars corner border punch, Snow Bubbles. I got the idea from Jenny Gecos whose been addicted to punching these little cuteness with her new Swiss Cheese punch. I added some butterflies too, but it’s not quite visible there because of the vellum envelope. I didn’t want to use vellum at the first place, but I left my sewing machine at my mum’s place, so I have to make an alternative.. I’ll make an update about it later when I’ve already removed the vellum envelope.
I got the doodle drawing of a lady and a child from a website, but I forgot which, so I’m sorry if I cannot give the owner credit. I’ll try to find it tho.
The other two photos; I got the idea from Simply Autumn‘s 2011 title page. She was also pregnant at the time, she put an USG photo of her child and a maternity photo on the side. I put my early maternity photo that my husband took for me, I think it’s around July when I’m still about 3 or 4 months carrying. Thank you babe πŸ™‚ I love the photo.

Here are the bottom two πŸ™‚Β  This one is to info my PL viewers the most interesting event that’s going to happen this year, our baby’s going to be born soon!! YAY!!

And the right side is to info the year and that this PL is my first one!! I love that little button and it’s also came from Amy Tangerine’s line πŸ˜€ I love Amy Tan!!

So, that’s my title page. Please tell me what you think about it πŸ™‚
I will appreciate if there’s any tips, critics or comments.
By the way, I was about to include the first page here.. but I think it will give the post way too much photos, so I think I will write it on the next. See ya!

Clementine’s here..

My Project Life kit has arrived!! YAY!!!

I bought the Clementine’s edition..
I heard it’s the newest design for 2012, but other than that, I just love the colors & design!!

And now.. I’m excited to start, but also clueless on what to do..
I know I know.. I’ve been talking about preparation and stuff, but now.. when they’re all here in front of me.. my head just went BLANK!!

I want to start on my title page first tho.. I did inserted some of the papers like Becky suggested, but I think it will need a little bit more personal touches to make the page more like “me”.
So, here I am in front of my laptop browsing some ideas..
There are some title pages that I found so beautiful and inspiring.. and I think their PL will be an inspiration for my very first Project Life. I hope I can really finish this project.. I love taking photos and I promise I’m going to take more this year.. and keeping memories and more journaling.. because this year is really special. It’s when we (my husband and I) are going to be parents!!!

This is so exciting! I think I’ll be spending this weekend at home doing my PL and finish Anabel’s mini album πŸ™‚

Good night & sweet dreams..

How do you plan your PL?

Since I just recently ordered my PL kit, it is obvious that I’ll be so much left behind in starting one.. 3 WEEKS!!! What should I doooo?

I’ve been jotting notes for sure, taking photos, keeping receipts and whatever I can find to remember the day by..
I also draw and plan on where to put this and that on a particular page protector design, I think this might make the catching up process faster.
I read scrappers blog whose also Project Life-ing for ideas and organizing tips.Β  I love them all!!

There are some that I found to be helpful a LOT for me πŸ™‚
First is Robyn Meierotto, she made a clean page of Project Life Planner. She’s using design A page protector, which is the most used page protector by PL-ers.Β  I like the design and how she put the days under the page layout.

She also has some digital PL banners, journal cards, rub ons, and other things on sale. I think they are printables too.

Second is Marcy Penner. If you are using various designs of page protectors and you want some thorough planning on you PL, this might be the one for you. She has all page protectors design of the PL planner printables, a Planning Page, and she also has a series dedicated to start, continue and loving the Project Life system; starting from taking photos, ephemera & notes taking, supplies, putting it together and everything else.
I think her posts are really useful especially for PL starters like me.

So, are you new to Project Life? Or you are already working on it but still need some organizing?
What are you waiting for? Check them out! πŸ˜€