New Crush

ImageHave you seen the movie Pitch Perfect?
Yes, i know.. I’m so left behind, I just watched it like…last month! So, I just wanted to say that I REALLY LOVE IT! Love all the fun characters in it and mostly, the songs they are pitching, singing, whatever!! I love it all.. in fact, I’m googling for the video that I can download right now.

I love what Anna Kendrick did on the rehearsal.. singing “When I’m gone” with the cup.. when the Bellas singing “Just the way you are” and of course, the songs at final! So awesome!

ImageAnd ssstt.. don’t tell my hubby, I’m also in love with the character Skylar Astin is playing on the movie, Jesse. Just like him, hahaha..

Ouw.. and I also almost watched Adele’s concert twice today.. haha.. just love her too!!!

If you want to listen to the soundtrack, click here 🙂